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Top 7 Picnic Spots nr. Bullbridge, Belper.

Nestled in the picturesque heart of Derbyshire, Bullbridge offers a serene starting point for exploring some of the most idyllic picnic spots within a 25-mile radius. Whether you’re a local resident of the exclusive Banks Close housing development or a visitor looking for a charming day out, here are seven stunning picnic destinations that promise breathtaking views and delightful experiences. We’ve included directions from Bullbridge, travel times, and suggestions for where to grab your picnic essentials.

Chatsworth Grounds

Directions to Chatsworth

From Bullbridge, head southeast on the B6013 towards Ripley. Merge onto the A610, then the A38, and follow signs for Chatsworth House via the A6. The journey is approximately 14 miles and takes around 30 minutes by car.

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Monsal Head Viaduct

Directions to Monsal Head

Take the A6 from Bullbridge towards Bakewell. Continue on the A6 and follow signs to Monsal Head. The journey is approximately 20 miles and takes about 35 minutes by car.

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Carsington Water

Directions to Carsington Water

Head southwest on the B6013 from Bullbridge, then take the B5035 towards Carsington Water. The journey is around 12 miles and takes approximately 25 minutes by car.

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Black Rocks

Directions to Black Rocks

From Bullbridge, take the B5035 towards Cromford. Continue on the B5036 to Black Rocks. The drive is about 9 miles and takes roughly 20 minutes.

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Matlock Bath

Directions to Matlock Bath

Drive north on the A6 from Bullbridge directly to Matlock Bath. The trip is approximately 10 miles and takes about 20 minutes.

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Kedleston Hall

Directions to Kedleston Hall

Take the A610 and A38 from Bullbridge to Kedleston Road. Follow signs to Kedleston Hall. The drive is around 15 miles and takes approximately 20 minutes.

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Shipley Country Park

Directions to Shipley Country Park

Head south on the A610 from Bullbridge to Heanor, then follow signs to Shipley Country Park. The drive is about 10 miles and takes roughly 20 minutes.

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Picnic Food Recommendations

One of the benefits of living in Bullbridge, is that you are in easy reach of lots of different outlets to make your Picnics in the traditional way or for you to go outside the box, here is a few places you can research to find some amazing produce:


Living in Bullbridge, you are spoilt by all of the beautiful picnic spots around the area. Derbyshire and The Peak District offers a mix of natural beauty, historical charm and recreational activities. Don’t forget to pack a delicious picnic from local favourites like Gummers, The Loaf and Croots. Happy Picnicking!

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